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Psalms 100:2 

Southern Gospel NY   has been awarded  Promoter of the Year             2018 


Member of Southern Gospel Promoters Association  

      On September 29, 2018 Bob and Joyce Spamer were awarded Promoter of the Year for 2018

 Bob and Joyce Spamer started Southern Gospel in 2011.  When they first started to date, Bob mentioned that he always wanted to bring in Gospel Groups for people to come and enjoy God's Music. He has always been a fan of Southern Gospel Music and Joyce had always been into Event Planning. Well that is all it took for him to tell her and Joyce's responce was "Well lets do it"  After praying about this they decided to start with 2 Concerts a year but with God 's help they are now in 2015 Married and  doing 1 concert a month along with 2 bus trips planned.  We only pray that God will continue to bless our ministry and help to bring in more people so we can keep bringing in groups.